Carcass meat represents approximately 53% of the live weight of the animal. We offer carcasses between 220 and 300 kg, carcasses of animals between 24 and 36 months of age, raised on natural pastures.

A bovine carcass is represented by the anatomical structures that remain after it a live bovine is slaughtered under standard procedures established in slaughterhouses.

The benefits offered by a carcass are classified: as products (the meat as such, in pieces, cuts and bone), and by-products (red and white entrails, bones, cartilage, skin, hoof, blood), which are obtained with the intention to achieve the highest productive efficiency of said channel.

The good success to achieve the total determination of the performance of a carcass is based on the exact and timely fulfillment of each and every one of the steps that go from the handling and mobilization of the animal, the dressing, obtaining the carcass quarters and its adequate refrigeration.