About Us



Expoganados is a livestock company from Santande r- Colombia founded and created by Roberto Dulcey Cristancho in the mid-1980s, beginning with the breeding, raising and marketing of cattle.


We are a leading company in the sector, we have a great experience of more than 40 years and tradition in the sector.

We export live cattle of the Brahman zebu breed and their crosses, animals between 12 to 36 months of age, animals raised in natural pastures.

The animals are transported in specialized boats for animal transport, complying with all international animal welfare standards. The company exports to countries in the Middle East.


In the beginning, it bought cattle from the different suppliers of Cesar and Santander to be sold to customers and end consumers in Bucaramanga.


Over the years in the year 1990, his vision was projected to meet needs abroad, making his way in the export of live cattle to Venezuela, generating great growth and popularity for the Company, which acquired in the same year its own land for livestock exploitation. In 2009, Colombian livestock suffered a severe crisis causing millionaire losses, due to a 22% drop in price, at which time many ranchers and companies in the sector gave up on livestock, the company continued its struggle and having no options of international markets, he devoted himself to seeking new markets and maintaining national markets, in order to survive the situation that livestock farming was going through in the country.

En la búsqueda de nuevas alternativas Expoganados logró abrir mercados de negocio para comercializar bovinos en el Líbano y Jordania y en el año 2011 se realizó la primera exportación al Líbano con 6.066  animales garantizando excelentes precios a productores e importadores del producto, consolidándose así , como empresa líder en exportación de ganado vivo, según las cifras de Fedegan, ICA y DIAN.

Gracias al auge de las exportaciones, Expoganados logró adquirir más tierras con el fin de mejorar la genética del ganado y aumentar su propio hato ganadero. Hoy en dia es una empresa reconocida por su servicio, calidad, cumplimiento , preparación profesional y tecnológico. Labores que realiza con el fin de expandir su mercado y aumentar la rentabilidad del sector ganadero  colombiano.

Corporate Mission and Values



Mision y Vision


Expoganados is specialized on breeding and raising bovines with highest techniques to the local and international market, generating value to their shareholders, benefits to human resources and helping to strengthen the agricultural sector.



In 2022 Expoganados will be the most influent animal protein trading company in Colombia and abroad based on excellent business management processes, a strong value proposition and reliability generated to clients and suppliers.



General Purpose

Market and distribute cattle to organizations at national and international levels in optimal driving conditions, health and nutrition, providing the best prices and volumes, improving the quality of life for end consumers.

Specific Objectives.

  • Increase exports of cattle.
  • Ensure a records management through health and feed.
  • Product traceability.
  • Implement techniques for managing solid and liquid waste for fertilization of pasture and forage.
  • Implement adequate infrastructure for proper management of livestock.
  • To establish the company as a leader in livestock farming as a sustainable and sustainable model.
  • Maintain daily quality checks from animal feed to distribution.
  • Increase the level of satisfaction of our partners and customers